May 14 • 21M

Everybody is trying to manage their pain

Aamina Ahmad's characters inhabit their pain and love with ordinary yet extraordinary grief

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Carissa Potter
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This week I am talking to Aamina Ahmad, author of The Return of Faraz Ali. Her book is about a murder, but it is like no other “murder mystery” I have ever read. It is quietly human, compassionate, deeply observed. Under the layers of the crime are layers of generational trauma, power, and psychological distress.

Pain and love are riddled with grief for the characters in Aamina’s book, a brilliant work of noir fiction. Their grief is ordinary, and yet, all grief is extraordinary to some degree, isn’t it?

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Aamina holds her characters’ psyches in her two hands with such care—they are vivid, feeling, and complex. As we all are. Above all, this book made me rethink what love is, at its core. Is the freedom to love a performance of privilege, or is it an essential part of being human? I was staying up late to read this book. I hope you will run and grab a copy at your local bookstore. Thank you for the wonderful chat, Aamina!

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