Mar 5 • 29M

Why we shouldn't wait for something to go wrong

Author and psychologist Kimberley Wilson on preventive measures to help your brain feel better

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Carissa Potter
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Do you ever wonder why we think our brains are separate from our bodies? In this week’s episode, author and psychologist (and former finalist of the Great British Bake Off!) Kimberley Wilson talks us through her recent book How to Build a Healthy Brain and the role that sleep and nutrition play in how we feel.

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We address how emotions are grounded in the body - so to take care of brains, we must take care of our bodies. There are also many daily preventive actions that we can do, like we do for our teeth (brushing to prevent cavities), to help prevent our brains against aging genetic predispositions.

“We’re not made to deal with pain by ourselves, we need other people”

-Kimberley Wilson

As someone who takes mental health very seriously and is always looking for ways to feel better, this conversation was eye-opening and fulfilling. Kimberley highlights how we can start to apply the preventative paradigm that we use for all other aspects of health in mental health too. Why should we wait until something goes terribly wrong, when there are a lot of scientifically proven ways that show we can influence our mental health trajectory?

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If you are just in need of a key takeaway, we all need to eat more fish. And sleep.

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