I can’t remember the first time someone told me I was bad at keeping secrets. When I meet someone new, I have to tell them that unless they tell me something like, “Please Carissa, don’t share this with anyone,” I will just assume that it is safe to say. There is something about saying everything you feel out loud that is freeing. And also connective. Like if I am feeling this way, chances are other humans are feeling it, too. 

I want to talk about these things with you.

Hi, I’m Carissa Potter, artist & founder of People I’ve Loved and author of the books I Like You, I Love You; It’s Okay To Feel Things Deeply; and How to Heal From Heartbreak.

This is Bad At Keeping Secrets, a newsletter & interview series in which I hope to create closeness, understanding, and acceptance by sifting through the beautiful emotional mess of life.

Through intimate conversations with people who spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be human right now in creative, scientific, and therapeutic disciplines, we wade into the grey areas, letting go of conclusions and judgments (when we can) in hopes of feeling a little more whole. A little more human. And a little more OK with what is. Exploring things that are deeply meaningful, not because they have a capitalist value, but a human one. 

You can read two of my top posts to get a feel: On My Last Night With You & How Emotional Granularity Works

Special thanks to Stephanie Tsou, for brainstorming topics to write about, editing, and making everything happen. To Vera Kachouh for telling me I should start a Substack and for always knowing the right thing to say to make things better. In all areas of life.

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Thanks for being here with me.

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Carissa Potter is an artist living in Oakland CA