Mar 19 • 33M

How to accept ourselves as we already are

Lisa Olivera on the stories we tell ourselves & the narratives we cultivate to survive

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Carissa Potter
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Can you accept yourself as you are? Do you ever feeling like shame is running the show?

Today, we revisit my conversation with Lisa Olivera, a writer and therapist who shares work centered around radical acceptance, cultivating compassion, and integrating our stories and full humanity.

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“…Listening to ourselves and noticing some of those fears that come up, and asking if the fears that we have are worth holding for the outcome we’ll receive by moving through it.”

In her book, Already Enough, Lisa writes about how to identify the stories we’ve been telling ourselves—so often based on shame or fear and so often necessary to our survival—and to maybe start telling ourselves some new ones. From her own experience being adopted (and learning later in life that she was abandoned at birth), Lisa’s book helps us unravel the unhelpful narratives that we build, and gives us the courage to practice constructing new ones. Already Enough is the kind of book that you clutch tight to your chest. If you’ve ever questioned your own worth or struggled to believe in yourself (and I think most humans have at one point or another), this book will give you some strength and guidance to rewrite the story.

Lisa also shares a secret! And inside it is buried a question: How do you let go of a part of yourself that has mattered to you? Thank you, Lisa. xo

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