Are you defensive?

Mistakes Were Made / our relationship

Why do we dwell on the past?

When does life begin?

How do you feel about conflict?

How to know when to leave someone?

How two wrongs can make a right

What we owe each other

Dominic Packer has a secret

In my dreams, you forgave me

Are you a bad boss?

Dorothy Santos has a secret

98% of you are overwhelmed right now

Something you can never know...

If you could choose to forget, would you?

An Acceptable Romance.

Julie Menanno has a secret

An impossibly hard decision that I will most definitely regret for the rest of my life

Lemon, secrets & olive oil

On my last night with you.

Ways to make someone fall in love with you...

Two secrets from two people who will make you feel less alone

At 16, I considered ending my life

Savala Nolan has a secret

Occasions when it is ok to lie...

I can take your pain away.

Kate Bowler has a secret

Is it wrong to ask someone to love you just as you are?

Two secrets from two people who might change your life

Why is asking for help so hard?

Most Embarrassing Break-Up Moments

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One new secret, a secret conversation and...

When do you leave someone?

quiet drawing starts now...

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Are you a narcissist? Wait, am I?

Quiet Painting / You are Enough

Quiet Drawing Reminder...

Juicy Secrets from Daren & Moorea

I am a gaslighter

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An unpopular opinion

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What is your relationship to secrets?

The last person I touch at night

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Can you control who you are attracted to?

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Quiet Drawing Friday 9–9:30am PST

I Am Angry on Your Behalf

I was always looking for love. 9-9:30am pst quiet drawing

When you have a problem...

Are We Destined To Make Our Parents' Mistakes?

Quiet Drawing / 9-9:30am pacific

On Love in Confinement

Quiet Drawing - 9:00

A Lifetime of Unrequited Love

Quiet Drawing - I worry about you = I love you

An Equation for Joy

Quiet Drawing

What is holding you back from being happy?

Quiet Drawing - What you are feeling right now?

My Current Conversation Topics

Quiet Drawing Today! Maybe I am a good person who has done some bad things?

Quiet Friday Reminder

Empathy, Good or Bad?

Quiet Friday Drawings...

Quiet Friday Reminder

Are we all entitled to love*?

A quiet spring morning...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Being Together Is Enough

My Love Cannot Save You

Invitation to finish something... quiet painting

What I mean when I say, "You're Beautiful"

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How to be true to yourself

Open Letter writing.

Do you write letters?

Hope Cannot Be Trusted

How would it feel if this was enough?

Last *FREE* Quiet Friday

I have kept something from you

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Quiet Fridays

I remember how it felt.

Working through mean self-talk


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Ways to make someone fall in love with you...

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Maybe I am a good person who has done some bad things

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Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, & Cry

Quiet Painting Session

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Most Embarrassing Break-Up Moments

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Draw + Chat with Me

Against the Odds

What are your reasons to keep going?

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What You Owe Yourself

A Solid Plan For the Unknowable Future